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95 theses


first batch 1 to 15


Second batch 16 to 30


Third Batch 31 to 45




Contemporary moral reflections


Chapter 1:

Egoism and moral scepticism

Religion, morality and conscience

Master and slave morality

Trying out one's new sword


The debate over Utilitarianism

The categorical imperative

Happiness and virtue by Aristotle 

The nature and value of rights by Joel Feinberg  

Taking Rights seriously by Ronald Dworkin

A theory of justice by John Rawls

The need for more than justice by Annete Baier




Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid


The market at the bottom of the pyramid

Products and services for the BOP

BOP: A global opportunity

The ecosystem of wealth creation

Reducing Corruption: Transaction Governance Capacity

Development as social transformation 



The Handbook of information and computer ethic  


Foundations of Information Ethics

Milestones in the History of Information and Computer Ethics

Moral Methodology and Information Technology

Value Sensitive Design and Information System

Personality-base, rule-utilitarian, and Lockean Justifications of Intellectual Property

Informational Privacy: Concepts, Theories, and Controversies

Online Anonymity

Ethical Issues involving computer security: hacking, hacktivism, and computer hacking

Information ethics and library profession

Ethical Interest in Free and Open Source Software

Internet Research Ethics: the field and critical issues

Health Information Technology: Challenges in Ethics, Science, and Uncertainty 

Ethical Issues of Information and business  

Responsibilities for Information on the Internet

Virtual Reality and Computer Simulation

Genetic Information: Epistemological and Ethical Issues

The ethics of Cyber Conflict

A practical mechanism for ethical risk assessment - A SoDIS Inspection

Regulation and Governance on the Internet

Information Overload

Email Spam

The matter of plagirism: what, why and if

Intellectual property: Legal and Moral Challenges of online file sharing

Censorship and access to expression

The gender agenda in Computer Ethics

The Digital Divide: A perspective for the future

Intercultural information ethics


Other assignments:

How to make wealth by Paul Graham

CEMEX case study

Natalie Dylan case study

ICCI bank

E-Choupal case study

Book of Eli Review

Jaipur Foot Case Study

Hindustan Limited Case Study

Copyright privacy and anonymity : 7 questions

Copyright privacy and anonymity, Spicy Elephant

Voxiva case study

Bahnsen part 1  

Bahnsen part 2

Bahnsen part 3

Authority of god's law today

25 laws for non-lawyers



25 most dangerous programming errors

Multidimensional Scale Graph

Multidimensional Ethic Scale

Multidimensional ethics scale survey result



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